You may be thinking, "Where in the world is the search bar? I just want to search for homes!" If you would like to skip ahead, please Click Here.

But finding a new home can be an adventure. Following these steps can help reduce some of the stress. Shall we Begin?

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Step 1.  Loan Pre-Approval
The Pre-Approval is perhaps one of the most important aspects to buying home. It gives you, the potential buyer, a good starting off point and will help you and your agent develop the best and most realistic list of homes within your budget.

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Step 2.  Research Neighborhoods
Make sure to learn all you can about the potential neighborhoods you would like to live in. Along with your Loan Pre-Approval this will be the foundation of searching for a new home!

Step 3.  Choose the Right Agent to Find You a Home; Me!
If you've made it to this step, this choice should be a no-brainer. I have built this site with your best interests in mind and I will not stop there. Choosing me as your exclusive buyer's agent will get you a hard worker sprinkled with some fun. Just check out the bow-tie! I tied it myself.
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Step 4.  Finish your Wishlist
It's important you discuss your needs and make sure your agent (that's me!) fully understands what type of home will best suit you. But this step goes beyond that.

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Step 5.  Search for a Home

Finally the search bar! Ok, have a peak around and let me know what you find! 

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Step 6.  Ready to Buy!
OK! We found you the right house... now what? Well, first off, let's take a deep breath. Ok, now let's prepare for the whirlwind of activity that's about to ensue. Don't worry we'll get through this. Here's what to expect during the Buying Process.
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Step 7.  Time to Move!
Ok, last step. You're almost home! Planning a move can be as stressful as finding your home. Luckily there are many resources available to help.
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